About Our Business
Wayne C. Nef

Wayne Nef has over 17 years of experience as a research analyst and financial editor.  Wayne
started his career with Value Line Publishing Inc. where he spent six years as an analyst and
editor.  His responsibilities included covering 35 stocks within the industrial, basic materials,
and consumer sectors while also acting as the lead editor for the Supplementary Reports
section of the Value Line Investment Survey and as an editor for the main section of the Survey.  
Wayne also spent six years as a Vice President at Merrill Lynch & Co. where he worked as an
award-winning analyst for the Private Portfolio Group covering the Industrial, Consumer, and
Basic Material sectors.  Wayne was also responsible for editing the research that was
disseminated to the portfolio managers within the Private Portfolio Group.  After a short stint at
Circle-T Partners, a New York-based hedge fund, Wayne started Nef Value Research Inc., a
consulting business that provides research exclusively to hedge funds.

Nef Value Research was started in July, 2003 and has been successfully helping our clients to
improve their investment returns ever since. We work hard, so that you don't have to!  Our
analysts are on call seven days a week so that you can get information when you need it.
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